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  • Teradata Appliance for SAS®

  • In this era of big data, it is a known fact that data volumes continue to grow and organizations are dealing with complex business issues with heightened global competition. Recognizing the importance of near real-time advanced analytics for solving complex business problems is crucial due to the speed of change in the market place which demands the need for making business decisions - faster.

    SAS and Teradata empower organizations to solve complex business problems, drive sustainable growth through innovation, and manage change. The SAS High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program solves complex business problems that require advanced analytics applied to massive volumes of data for customers who demand answers in near real-time. Together, SAS and Teradata enable customers to develop complex analytical models using complete data – not just a subset – to get accurate and timely insights to make well-informed decisions.

    SAS High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program is a set of SAS® analytical software supporting the development of complex data models that can be processed in a highly scalable, in-memory distributed architecture to maximize performance and minimize processing time. These tools are combined with an analytics appliance – Model 720 - that consists of specifically configured hardware from Teradata and SAS® High-Performance Analytics software.

    Features & Benefits

    The SAS High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program combines the world's best advanced analytics with the world’s leading data warehouse platform. In addition, a specialized, proven set of well-defined services is available to help customers get rapid time to value.

    • Act quickly and confidently - Seize new opportunities, manage large volumes of data and make the right choices
    • Expand the use of advanced analytics - Solve very complex problems that could not be solved before
    • Gain insights at breakthrough speeds – Make high-value and time-sensitive decision by leveraging in-memory analytics
    • Ask and answer new business questions – Apply new insights to your daily operations
    • Take full advantage of a highly scalable - Reliable infrastructure that is optimized for big data and complex analytics

    Primary Components

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