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The unicorn data scientist reality increases demand for analysts with expanded skills in data science and advanced analytics. That means analysts need a tool for self-service data loading, discovery, and running machine learning with advanced analytics. Vantage Analyst delivers intelligent analytics in one simple tool-all without the need to code.

Teradata Vantage Analyst is a business analyst tool that has simple UI to solve complex problems

Simple UI to Solve Complex Problems

With Vantage Analyst, users do not need to know how to code complex machine learning algorithms. They simply select parameters through UI and Vantage Analyst handles the rest.

Predictive modeling made easy with Teradata Vantage Analyst

Predictive Modeling Made Easy

Vantage Analyst provides an easy-to-use interface for creating, training, and scoring predictive models with widely used predictive modeling algorithms, such as Generalized Linear Model (GLM) and Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Discover hidden patterns in your data with Teradata Vantage Analyst

Discover Hidden Patterns for Actionable Insights

Vantage Analyst lets users visually detect and drill down into hidden data patterns through interactive visualizations that facilitate an agile, iterative data science process.

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Discover actionable insights in a series of behaviors or events.


Build, train, and evaluate predictive models to maximize business value.


Quickly automate analytic workflow to create repeatable, operationalized processes.


Discover patterns such as sentiments and trends in text-based data.


Segment customer and other data types based on characteristics.


Self-serve an environment for rapid exploration and experimentation of new data analytics.

No-code Machine Learning

Lets business analysts perform complex analysis—pathing, predictive modeling, text analysis, clustering—without coding knowledge.

Self-Service Discovery

Lab capability enables self-service loading and analysis of new, non-integrated data for testing.

Faster, Richer Insights

Integrated data analytics eliminates need to copy data for analyzing so users get a rich set of existing data and multi-genre analytics.

Fast Discovery

Modularized process workflow facilitates agile analytics development and repeatable task automation.

Seamless Operationalization

Save time and energy by reusing process workflows from discovery to production.

Team Collaboration

Share and reuse proven analytic processes, best practices, and results across the entire organization.

Enterprise Class

Runs on best-in-class analytics platform with proven scalability, high-concurrency, and sophisticated workload management.

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